Firearms - Civilian & Law Enforcement 19th Dec

  • General Performing Arts
MAKE IT - Studio 4, 5 Hancock Rd, London E3 3DA, UK
19 Dec 2021
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Learn the safety, law and handling techniques when working with firearms and ensure that you look competent and confident handling guns in action roles of a domestic, gangster or police nature. 


Ideal course for Stage Managers, Directors and Actors


Using a range of blank firing, airsoft and prop handguns this workshop will cover: 

    • Firearm health and safety law 

    • History of firearms 

    • Dos and Don'ts 

    • Handling (handguns) - drawing, loading, reloading, moving, etc. 

    • Disarms and combat with firearms 

    • Blank firing 


Independent Drama runs a complementary Firearms course called Firearms: Military & Tactical. 


Participants must be 18 years or older when the program starts.

Registration period

Registration starts on 24/10/2020 and ends on 18/12/2021.

In-person location

MAKE IT - Studio 4, 5 Hancock Rd, London E3 3DA, UK