Scene study / exam prep - 8th Dec

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MAKE IT - Studio 4, 5 Hancock Rd, London E3 3DA, UK
08 Dec 2021
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These sessions are ideal for students looking to freshen up their techniques or prep for taking fight exams. Please read requirements below.

Actors overwhelmingly agree that combat develops their ability and talents as actors. But many actors wish to focus on merging meaningful acting with safe combat. They want more than can be delivered in conventional stage combat sessions, which rarely attempt to reconcile up-to-date acting with stage combat. 


Combat Scene Study releases aroused and meaningful acting into safe and exciting combat. 


In a challenging and compassionate space, lessons draw from Meisner, Michael Chekhov, Vakhtangov and other Post-Stanislavskian approaches to wellbeing-based acting; focusing on balancing physical imagination, connection, presence, and emotion with safety in action.


How does it work? Following a traditional scene study format, we explore common acting techniques used by actors in combat scenes. Then using Tony Wolf’s system we create ‘Zen Dance’ improvisations that capture the essence of dramatic behaviour which can then be integrated into your personalised practice as an actor combatant.


These level-up sessions are essential for actors preparing to take a fight exam or who are keen to prepare their fight to distinction grade. 


Requirements: Although initial sessions can be explored on a drop-in basis, as the training develops it is recommended (though not essential) to have a choreographed fight scene and a partner for these sessions. Participants should have completed (or be near completion of) a stage combat qualification training course.


Sessions led by: Tim Klotz (BADC Master Teacher, FDC Fight Director) Tim is a fight director specialising in working with actors from every background who wish to reconcile meaningful acting with safe combat. He has an MA in Academic Practice and has extensively researched the overlap between personal safety and acting combat.



Class dates



Participants must be 18 years or older when the program starts.

Registration period

Registration starts on 09/09/2021 and ends on 08/12/2021.

In-person location

MAKE IT - Studio 4, 5 Hancock Rd, London E3 3DA, UK