BASSC Unarmed Jan Intensive

  • General Performing Arts
MAKE IT - Studio 4, 5 Hancock Rd, London E3 3DA, UK
24 Jan 2022
28 Jan 2022
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This course is suitable for complete beginners and those combatants looking to improve their unarmed fighting skills for film and theatre. Unarmed is probably the most requested skill set for fight performers and this course will cover all the essential basics and build your strength and power to make you a more believable fighter. 


We will also focus on acting skills and students will work on incorporating their fight choreography into dramatic scenes. Exploring topics such as character objective, fight rhythm and staging, actors will learn to create a fight where they are connected and truthful and as such engaging to an audience. 


The course culminates in an exam with the British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat in unarmed fighting, providing industry recognised certification. 

Class dates

24/01/2022, 25/01/2022, 26/01/2022, 27/01/2022, 28/01/2022


Participants must be 18 years or older when the program starts.

Registration period

Registration starts on 03/09/2021 and ends on 24/01/2022.

In-person location

MAKE IT - Studio 4, 5 Hancock Rd, London E3 3DA, UK