BASSC Swashbuckling - July Intensive

  • Drama/Theatre
Make IT, Office 4 -buzzer 20, 5 Hancock Rd, London E3 3DA, UK
17 Jul 2023
21 Jul 2023
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You've seen the swashbuckling movies both old and new. Now is your chance to learn to fight like Zorro, Jack Sparrow and the loveable rouges from the Princess Bride. Swashbuckling is fun but it's also a challenging skill to fight like you love it whilst keeping the tension and fear needed to give the audience goose bumps. Fight right handed, fight left handed and look cool whilst you do it. 


Students will learn the techniques required to perform an effective swashbuckling fight and will have the opportunity at the end of the course to take the British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat Fight Performance Test. The test fee is included in the course price. The course will also focus on acting skills and students will be expanding upon their knowledge of performing a dramatic fight scene with dialogue. 

Class dates

17/07/2023, 18/07/2023, 19/07/2023, 20/07/2023, 21/07/2023


Participants must be 18 years or older when the program starts..

Registration period

Registration starts on 05/10/2021.

In-person location

Make IT, Office 4 -buzzer 20, 5 Hancock Rd, London E3 3DA, UK
Registration closed.